Audio Equipment For My Boat

What a great way to spend a sunny, warm weekend, out on the ocean wave aboard one’s own yacht. I have a hectic work life. I leave home quite early in the morning and make my way by car into the heart of the city. I must admit I don’t much enjoy the traveling to work, and don’t much enjoy the city, but a weekend out on the ocean makes every worry or concern disappear.

A main interest

One of my main interests other than my family and my boat is of course my music. I like all genres and styles of music but above all else I like classic rock n roll. I must admit I earn more than a decent wage so I make use of what I have and buy the best equipment I can. I don’t just go and buy anything, not when it comes to having the most expensive audio equipment for my home, or for my boat. To get the very best both for money and quality then research and more research is key.

Budget and research

I spent many hours researching different marine stereos and devices for my boat. When choosing the stereo itself for instance I spent at least 8 hours solely online looking at different stereos and what each model had to offer me. When I had a clear idea of what stereos were likely to make the cut I then had a look at the numerous marine stereo reviews on the Internet.

What’s clear is that people certainly like to leave their feedback and I guess that being online and not face to face with somebody then you can be as honest as you wish. Certainly the marine stereo reviews helped me narrow my search down to just two marine stereos.

Once I had decided which two marine stereos I was going to choose from I then found a store fairly nearby that had them installed in their showroom and gave them a whirl. It was quite easy to pick the overall winner, but I had another choice to make.

Which marine stereo to choose?

The marine stereos both could be bought as a package. Now I had to decide whether to buy a marine stereo package or only the stereo itself. I decided not to buy there and then and instead I opted to go home and check out a few things. Eventually the choice was simple. Again with the help of the many marine stereo customer reviews online I made the choice that the package was indeed a good deal.

I returned to the store a few days later and spoke to the salesman about the price of the marine stereo package. Now it would have been very easy to just return home and buy online and save myself a few dollars, but the fact that the store had been so helpful I felt I would buy with them. In fact after mentioning the price of the exact same marine stereo package that could be found online the salesman gave me a better deal that I was completely happy with.

Eventually I managed to install the package on my boat and give it a proper testing over one weekend. I took a couple of flash drives with me loaded with old rock n roll and other genres on them and sailed out to sea. I plugged in the flash drive into the USB port and whacked up the volume, and even with the boats engine running the sound that came from that marine stereo was outstanding.

The weather was beautiful and the water was calm and clear and the music really made the day. So if you’re in the market for some new audio equipment for your boat then I would always recommend checking out those reviews online to help you make a good choice.

Roofers In Kent

There are many times that people need to find a roofer in Kent because their roof has deteriorated over the years due to age, or a tile or slate may have been damaged due to the weather.

Finding a roofer in Kent is pretty easy, but finding a local roofer or roofing company that you can trust might take a little longer, because when it comes to replacing a whole roof it isn’t going to be cheap, and you need to be sure the money you invest on a new roof is going to spent wisely.

Comprehensive Coverings Ltd

Comprehensive Coverings Ltd have been a Kent roofing company since 1960, and have therefore many years experience with all kinds of roofs and roofing materials, and associated works.

Whether it is just a small repair where some tiles may have slipped down, or ridge tiles might have blown off due to high winds, Comprehensive Coverings can quickly sort out the issue, and have many satisfied customers.

Roofing in Kent

The company have a good reputation among many loyal customers, mainly in the Swale area towns and surrounding villages, including Sittingbourne and Faversham, due to their high regard and high standards of workmanship.

Not just that, but as they are KCC approved contractors they have completely re-roofed and repaired many school roofs in the Kent area. Some of these include natural slate roofs, Kent peg tiled roofs, clay tiled roofs and others.

Other larger work that the company undertake are for local churches, one just recently completed being the spire of the All Saints church in Loose, near Maidstone. The spire has an Oak shake roof, which has recently been completely stripped and has had new Oak shakes fitted, as well as other work carried out.

Comprehensive Coverings also carry out work on many listed buildings. This is sometimes more involved as of course listed buildings may have different specifications that need to be strictly adhered to.

Flat roofs are also another kind of work the company do. Whether it’s a repair to maybe some torn felt, or a flat roof needs renewing completely, you can be sure Comprehensive Coverings Ltd will do the job completely.

Leadwork is also undertaken. Should your lead flashings need replacing or re-instating because they have been stolen orhave slipped out of position, or are just looking worn and tired, it’s something the company does. Not only lead flashings but if you have leadwork on your roof that needs fixing, even complete lead valleys, then it’s something that this Kent roofing company will do.

Get in touch

So, if your stuck in finding a reputable local roofing company in the Kent area then give Comprehensive Coverings Ltd a call on 01795 520260, or contact them by email by visiting the following link to their contact page, quickly fill in your details and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually the same day, or depending on the time, usually within 24 hours.


Garden Landscape Tips For Beginners

Garden landscapeSo you have just bought a house and are planning to design a nice looking garden at the back, but you just don’t know where to start.

This is a useful guide for newbie who want to refresh their home with a beautiful looking garden.

Where to begin

If you are a novice in landscaping, planning and measuring for garden landscape can be very daunting for some people. Don’t get overwhelmed by all those great ideas you have in your mind, write them down somewhere safe so you don’t forget and can refer back to them if you need to.

Here are some useful tips to follow before you plant anything.

Take your interior design, outside

The best way to design a garden landscape is to consider some of the interior principles. Your garden needs a patio, and taking the hues from the living room can create a balanced colour scheme. For instance, if your living room is filled with a blue colour, why not use blue on the patio’s furniture.

A patio is where you can enjoy your garden from. Make sure that you build the patio in a strategic spot so that it won’t get direct afternoon sun.

Rough sketch

Make a rough sketch on how you want your garden to look like; where you should place the flowers, or should you build a kids play area as well.

Drawing a sketch helps you to put your thoughts on a visual board and realise that some of them just won’t fit. This way, you can prevent from having all the items on place and eventually getting confused as to where you should put all of those things.

Sometimes, your decision won’t work for the long term. Thus, you need to consider the function of the area you are going to build.

Enjoy the process

The beauty of a garden lies in appreciating and feeling positive in your surroundings.

Plant one type of flower at a time and see how it works. You need to take time to enjoy your plant growth and create the landscape, part by part. And since you don’t have a crew off of DIY SOS to do it for you, you should enjoy what you do from scratch.

When you enjoy every step from the very start, you will love the final result because you have time to think of what’s the next plant to plant.

Spacing and scale

Your garden will be filled with various flowers and plants and possibly lovely vegetables that can be different in size and shape.

Make sure that your design includes spacing and scale. Make sure that you have enough path for you to walk around and don’t be afraid to play with spacing.

Monotonous gardens can be boring. Instead, have some trees or stunning flowers to draw attention. These are the elements that will make your garden stand out.

Be prepared for changes

In time, you will find that the lavender no longer brings attraction to you, then you have to replace it with the one you like most.


Designing a garden landscape requires effort and patience, and often a bit of practice. However, once you have started and really begin to get stuck in you will find designing your garden can make for a wonderful experience that you should not regret.

Identifying The Best Pressure Washers

Pressure washers in my opinion are one of those special items that if you’ve never used one before and then use a pressure washer for the first time, you won’t ever live without one again.

It never surprises me the number of various tasks that I am able to carry out with one of these little gadgets, if you will.

Pressure Washer Tasks

Where do I start on this one? One of the tasks I most frequently use a pressure washer for is for washing my car. I have a handy little brush attachment and bottle that I can fill with car wash soap and easily clean away any muck off of my car.

Previously I only rinsed the car off with my handy little washer but after paying a little bit of cash for the brush attachment I couldn’t live without it. It really makes my life a bit less difficult.

The brush also makes a find job of cleaning kids bikes. We all know how dirty bikes can become and let’s be straight up, kids hate cleaning their bikes. A pressure washer really makes this task somewhat of a joy. I would suggest one thing though and that is keep it away from irresponsible children or you’ll likely get a soaking.

The obvious tasks like cleaning your driveway for instance is certainly a better option than a scrubbing brush and elbow grease. The same can be said of removing horrible birds mess from any fencing you might have.

Are You Ready To buy?

Now if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning a pressure washer but are looking to buy your first one then you will not be unhappy when it comes down to the bare bones of price.

If you haven’t noticed already there is certainly plenty of options open to you. In fact there are so many options it can make choosing the best pressure washers a tad bit tricky.

What I thought about before buying was what tasks I would be using it for. Then that gave me a good idea of just how frequently the pressure washer would be used.  In my case it was quite frequent, so I would therefore choose what I would call a mid range washer.

Once I had narrowed down my options then I did some further research. I visited a few websites and took a good look at any feedback by way of customer pressure washers reviews that I could find. Thankfully there were plenty, both good and bad. After a little time spent reading what customers had to say it quite quickly became apparent what was a good pressure washer and others, not as much.

Best Choice Pressure Washer

Finally I had found the best pressure washer for my own use. After this I did some searches to find where the best deal could be had.

Once I thought I had found a good deal then I looked into any discounts that were being made available. If you look on the internet for voucher codes you should be able to find something that gives you a certain percentage, or amount off of the asking price.

Now you should find it quite simple and not too time consuming to find where the best deal can be had for the pressure washer of your choice.